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CELL is a print design studio

CELL is a print studio dedicated to creating very limited editions of vibrant and colorful garments and accessories for your home, which they design and manufacture in proximity and with care, to last forever. They paint their designs by hand, and digitally stamp them on eco-sustainable materials. Its brand is built on a basis of social and environmental awareness, in which part of the profits always go to projects that are beneficial to our society, in particular to families and children in need.

At CELL we care that the objects and garments that accompany us every day have color and personality, that they give us joy and the peace of mind of having something in our hands that respects social and environmental values. After many years designing and living the ins and outs of fashion from the inside, we decided that we did not need another fashion brand, but another way of looking at consumption. Consume on time objects and garments that give us value and joy, that we want to use forever and that also provide benefits to all the people involved in their creation and to their families and societies.

Each individual product is designed, from its creation to its production process, to be aligned with our values.

Behind CELL is Susana de Cangas, a Spanish fashion designer who graduated from Parsons and specialized in the London College of Fashion in London. After years of experience in different international fashion brands, she decides to create CELL, her own studio where she develops all her creativity that she expresses through prints that she turns into products, always thinking about sustainability.

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