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Bee Saving Paper is an innovative, 100% biodegradable material rich in glucose.

It works like an energy drink for exhausted bees.

Behind every great brand, there is a great story.

The story of Bee Saving Paper starts much earlier than the project was born. It’s the story of one of the founders, Anna Gadecka. “Ever since my childhood I would “save” bugs, bees, and other little creatures I met along the paths and parks of my hometown. A few years ago I noticed more and more bees on the ground. Lots of them were dead, others were struggling. All I could do at that point was to put them on the side so nobody would step on them. This observation made me wonder if there is anything more I could do for weak bees. I started to dig on the internet and I found out that you can actually save those dying bees by giving them a drop of water with some sugar mixed in. It will make them stronger and they will be able to fly further. Then, I thought that a sweet new business card with added sugar would be helpful”.

With this inspiration, she went to her colleagues from the ad agency she used to work with. They’ve been working on the project ever since, engaging more and more people, without them the Bee Saving Paper wouldn’t have existed today. The project stopped at the stage of the prototype. But then suddenly, it went viral, and she decided to keep working on it outside of the agency and transform it into a commercial product that makes the world a better place. Bee saving paper to her wasn’t just another advertising project. It was way more important. It was a chance to work on something she truly believed in. It’s not easy to turn a prototype into a real commercial product, available for everyone. But she's still working on it to make it available for everyone.

This brand was created not only to sell the paper but most importantly to raise awareness about the importance of bees.

Paper was used as a medium for centuries. That’s why we also want to use Bee Saving Paper to deliver the message to people: bees are not only crucial to our existence. They are inspiring creatures making miracles every day. We want people to see this magic in them and this way, encourage them to make small acts of kindness towards bees – as every one of them matters. As bees are at the core of this brand We are planning to donate a % from sales to power charities trying to solve the problems bees face on a global scale.

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