Mother's day

Mother's day

Mother's day is coming, and I asked my mom to make a selection of 10 pieces from our website she would love to receive as a gift. Whom better than a mother to choose the gifts for her special day. 

My mom is Elena, she's 77 years old, she is a former lawyer, and worked her entire life until her retirement after that she became a lovely grandma. Now she lives between Granada (Spain) and Genoa (Italy), she loves to travel, going to the gym where she practices Zumba, Pilates, and Body Balance, and is very dedicated to her Instagram account. Last week she finally started her Flamenco lessons, that she has been wishing for years. I hope to have her energy when I turn her age!!

This is her gifts selection

Collar Kokoro

Book Contigo Nunca de Borja Crespo,

black Kokoro necklace  and Mi Baobab wood and leather bracelets

Over the recycled wood chair, Mi Baobab red pillow covers,

and the book Contigo Nunca de Borja Crespo

Mi Baobab embroidered pillow covers 

and  Prim by Michelle Elie Mies leather bag

San Fabrizzio Sweatshirt with quilted applications, and  

y Hoshi cotton bag.

Mi Baobab Weekend bag

Mother's day

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