San Valentin

Love has to be celebrated! 

Corazon Plexi broche

Feels the beat of your heart !

Mi Baobab Pillow cover Annies Finger's Heart Brooch

Contigo Nunca

With you never, without you ever!

Kokoro Necklace & Contigo Nunca of Borja Crespo


Lazada flores

Looks that everything is blooming!

Mi Baobab Silk tie & Lorena Rom "Invierno" earrings

Cupido y los corazones

And unexpectedly Cupido appears.

Juan Díaz Losada "Angel" drawing y San Fabrizzio "Red Heart" earrings

 Y a veces el amor duele...

Sometimes love even hurts.

La Pareja Suicida by Daniel García & Annies Finger's Heart Patch

Bolso Hoshi

 Our hearts are full of love but really really full.

Hoshi flowered bag