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Spring has Sprung

As every year the almond trees have blossomed and that fills me with emotion and hope, and I think that like me, all of you who cannot contain the desire to photograph all the flowers that we begin to see everywhere. And it is that, whether they are the Almond flowers that I mentioned before, those of the Plum trees, the small and wild ones that grow in the fields and that have a different name in each place, or the beautiful Narcissus that together with the Hyacinths, are of my favorite flowers. Flowers fill everything with joy.
Earrings Lorena Rom
Clutch Mi Baobab 
Necklace Kokoro
Disposable Face-mask  My Barrière.
Earrings San Fabrizzio
Sweatshirt San Fabrizzio
Earrings Juan Díaz Losada x San Fabrizzio
Embroidered Patch  Annie's FIngers,
Bag Hoshi
Screen printing Hola Por Qué.
Disposable Face-mask My Barrière
Earrings Annie's FIngers
Necklace Atelier Joia BCN
Bag Hoshi
Oversized Vest San Fabrizzio
Bag Hoshi
Earrings Lorena Rom
Pouch de Mi Abuela Lila
Pillow covers Mi Baobab
Disposable Face-mask My Barrière
Wishing you all a flowery spring, with a minimum of allergies.

All the images of flowers and products have been taken by me.
Hugs Fabrizzio :)