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Annie goes blue

Color, sparkles and the LGBT+ community

Annie Goes Blue was born in Madrid by Annie, illustrator, graphic designer and craftsman.

She starts in a pink room drawing day and night, and it ends up being a dream come true. At first with more pastel colors, illustrations with simpler and more timid lines, until reaching more intense tones and with more rebellious and clear messages. Always accompanied by an intention: to represent the LGBT+ community and the different queer experiences and realities.

Thanks to the wonderful world of digital art, she allows herself to multiply her creativity, opening new horizons. Her person is reflected in her work, in her beliefs, in her ideals and in what she defends. She uses as a model what she feels at the moment, she recreates it adapting it to her drawing style, so each illustration contains a story.

The entire production process, from the idea to its materialization and marketing, is created and/or supervised by her with love and care so that it is not only a product, but an experience.

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