SAN FABRIZZIO is a website where you can find special items such as clothing, accessories, books, plants or pieces of art. This idea was born from the need to create a space where the work of Fabrizzio Morales-Angulo converges with that of many of his friends, acquaintances and brands with which he collaborates who, whether they have their own platform or not, want to be part of this space that brings them all together. A place to exchange and share ideas, whose premise is the love for fashion, design and creation from an ethical and sustainable point of view.

SAN FABRIZZIO is like a good party with friends where you can have a good time.

Fabrizzio Morales-Angulo created SAN FABRIZZIO in 2001, initially as a fashion accessories brand that over time evolved and grew, also offering clothing designs, always with the premise of creating unique pieces, recycling old fabrics and pieces and reinventing . existing garments. The brand grew during the early 2000s, entering points of sale in different cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Milan or Capri. The use of stock fabrics, mixed with high-end fabrics, together with the care and care in their creation, give rise to garments in which the importance of the cut and pattern in their construction is clearly appreciated. The brand suffered a slight hiatus for a few years, time spent opening a showroom for young brands and later a physical store in Granada. His concern and passion for the world of fashion also leads him to collaborate by carrying out analysis in this field for the international agency, while he combines it with Street Style photography and fashion shows on the main catwalks in the world (New York ). , Paris or Milan) for prestigious magazines such as Vogue Spain or the different Grazia internationally, while he develops consulting for different fashion brands.

After more than 20 years since its inception and after having collaborated on different projects and companies, Fabrizzio decides to open SAN FABRIZZIO as a digital platform and online store to bring together the talent of creators who are trying to make a name for themselves in the industry and make a living with their ideas. The purpose is to provide support to those special and wonderful projects, brands and small businesses, and create a community of people who are united by the love of crafts and creativity, embodied in a way of working and developing ideas and businesses. . in a fair, ethical and sustainable manner. The concept of San Fabrizzio Webshop was born from the need to create a meeting point in which to bring together designers, artists and creators who are in tune with our way of understanding life, giving rise to a space for collaboration and exchange of ideas. . and mutual support. With them we share a series of values and ethics in the treatment of products, betting on craftsmanship and creativity, focused on the creation of original pieces. With this, at San Fabrizzio we seek to offer special items while promoting and defending responsible and sustainable consumption.

SAN FABRIZZIO is a gender-free Concept Store, safe for everyone, where you will find pieces that have one or more of these characteristics:

  • Created by hand, under fair working conditions.
  • Use of recyclable and/or environmentally friendly materials in its creation.
  • Unique or limited edition pieces. We firmly support the concept of “exclusivity”.
  • Produced or designed by independent creators. With this, we give a space to the new values in which they can show their ideas and realize themselves.

Furthermore, as we have already said and it is something we want to insist on, San Fabrizzio and its collaborators are committed to sustainability as something that we can all access and should promote. Any action or habit that helps create a more sustainable world, no matter how small, is a must today. We believe that a better world is possible! We hope that you like the way you will find the products on this website. We present them in the same way, displayed with love, through photographs that give you an idea of the size of the item, colors, textures... along with all the relevant information that we can provide such as sizes, materials and price. We also have at your disposal the traceability of each of the pieces you find in the store.

You can write to us at if you need additional information or any clarification about our products or about us. We'll be happy to talk to you and help you in any way we can!