San Fabrizzio has always been linked to culture, showing our support for it in all its forms and expressions whenever we have the opportunity.

Our intention is not only to give you options to dress your body. How about a selection of books that will also make your brain beautiful? There is no doubt about the importance of books. Those life companions with the ability to transport us to other places, bring us joy, excite us ... An essential tool with which to escape from our daily routine. True to our idea of ​​giving value to certain objects, even fully immersed in a digital age in which we could accumulate thousands and thousands of titles in our electronic devices, we can only claim for the physical format. Nothing is comparable to the sensation that touch produces when turning the pages of that book that has fallen into your possession.

From our website, we put at your disposal a curated selection of works published by Libros de Autoengaño. A small independent publisher, a platform for emerging authors, with the philosophy of “do it yourself” (DIY) and with which we share our idea of ​​offering products created with lots of love. Its premise is based on printing beautiful books, with a limited edition (sealed and numbered), seeking that you have in your hands not only a book but also a special object. We are sure that among the titles we offer you, you will find something that you like for yourself or to give to someone special.

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Pirueta by Charles Dutertre



Vietnam 2nd edition by Joaquín López Cruces