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Atelier Joia BCN

Artisan jewelry made consciously and with the soul.

Alex and Silvia, are the jeweler's couple from Barcelona creating Atelier BCN Joia. Their story begins 15 years ago when they met at jewelry school and decided to create AtelierBCNJoia together.

"Atelier" a place to work together, "BCN" the city where they were born and met, and "Joia" in Catalan has a double meaning, jewel, and joy.

They started the journey believing in handmade jewelry with soul and mind. They manufacture all the pieces one by one in their workshop and are supplied from local suppliers, who are in tune with their principles. They believe in things well done and try to make the end result as good as possible. Handmade jewelry shows the character of the craftsman who makes it. They are a small part of him.

They love light and comfortable pieces, perfect to wear every day or on special occasions.

They make collections inspired by nature and they like to play with different materials, such as silver, aluminum, and bronze. They always use natural stones and freshwater cultured pearls, and top-quality materials.

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