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HOSHI * is Perla Hachuel. A librarian, documentalist, administrator of online training platforms ... what does she do making bags ?? !! Fate, dear ones.

HOSHI * is born in a hiatus. Living in Granada for decades, she decided to have a baby with her husband, and raise her ... a few years pass and she meets a Japanese woman, Eriko, who gives her her first azuma-bukuro. She asks the origin of it, and she learn to sew them, Eriko's mother sends them material, and BOOM! She becomes the owner and founder of a small business.

Azuma-bukuro are traditional Japanese bags that can be made with tenuguis, which are standard-size cotton fabrics used for EVERYTHING. She started with this product exclusively but over time she has diversified, azumas, kinchakus (bags), pencil case, bookmarks, and hats. She continues to use the original patterns but has also adapted them to western use. The fabrics come directly from Japan (Tokyo and Kyoto) and she also works with Spanish fabrics.

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