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The concept of San Fabrizzio as an online space is created by different brands, designers, artists, and artisans, whose nexus is the love for the work they develop, the idea of ​​contributing in a small way to a more conscious and distributive economy through the creation of unique and special pieces, based in fair and sustainable trade. Next, we introduce you to our friends, who we already consider family, wishing you to be part of us:

- Annie's Fingers: Sarah Clair, illustrator and accessory designer, is the person behind Annie's Fingers. Originally from Ireland, she has lived in southern Spain for over 20 years. Annie was her grandmother. She definitely was a very powerful feminine presence in her youth, so when she started her business, she knows exactly what name she wanted to use, paying a nice tribute to her roots. Sarah works from home, a space that she shares with her husband and her children and it is from there that she assembles and prepares everything you can find in the store!

- Atelier Joia BCN: Handmade jewelry made with conscience and soul. Alex and Silvia, are the jeweler's couple from Barcelona behind Atelier BCN Joia. They started the journey believing in handmade jewelry with soul and mind. They manufacture all the pieces one by one in their workshop and are supplied from local suppliers, who are in tune with their principles. They believe in things well done and try to make the end result is the best possible. Handmade jewelry shows the character of the craftsman who makes it. They are a small part of him. They love light and comfortable pieces, perfect to wear every day or on special occasions. They make collections inspired by nature and they like to play with different materials, such as silver, aluminum, and bronze. They always use natural stones, freshwater cultured pearls, and top-quality materials.

Bee Saving Paper: is an innovative, 100% compostable material designed to save exhausted bees. It is tree-free – made of lemongrass. The paper contains sugar which works like an energy drink to help bees fly further. It also contains honey plants seeds which will grow into flowers, giving bees an extra “rest stop” and source of food next year. Additionally, it is scented with lemongrass oil which attracts the bees.

- Cell: CELL is a print studio dedicated to creating very limited editions of garments and accessories for your home, vibrant and full of color. They paint their designs by hand, and digitally stamp them on eco-sustainable materials. Its brand is built on a basis of social and environmental awareness, in which part of its profits go to projects beneficial to our society, in particular to families and children. Each individual product is designed, from its creation to its production process, to be aligned with a series of values. Behind CELL is Susana de Cangas, a Spanish fashion designer who graduated from Parsons and is specialized in Sustainable Design. After years of experience in different international fashion brands, she decides to create CELL, her own studio where she develops all of her creativity that she expresses through prints and that she associates with sustainability in her products.

Daniel Quasar: is a non-binary artist and graphic designer, known for the design of the Progress Pride flag: a variation of the rainbow pride flag that incorporates additional colors to explicitly represent trans people and LGBTQ communities of color. In 2018 Quasar re-designed the existing rainbow flag in order to incorporate the transgender flag, as well as black and brown stripes to represent LGBT communities of color. The additional colors were added in a chevron shape along the hoist to represent forward movement.

- El Hada Artesana: Nuria Gómez, an expert knitting artisan, is behind this brand, where she creates each of the pieces by hand, giving all the necessary time to each of her creations, to make it special. From Iznalloz, a small town in Granada, Nuria plays with the colors and materials in each of her pieces.

- Hola Por Qué: Dedicated to creating through screen printing for over 20 years, they started making T-shirts. Currently, their occurrences are also stamped on paper, ceramics, glass, or on the bathroom doors of their workshop.

Hoshi: HOSHI * is Perla Hachuel, a librarian whom fate put in her way a Japanese, Eriko, who gave her her first azuma-bukuro and taught her how to sew them. Azuma-bukuro are traditional Japanese bags that can be made with tenuguis, (cotton fabrics of standard measures) that are used for EVERYTHING. She started with this product exclusively but over time it has diversified: azumas, kinchakus (sachets), pencil cases, bookmarks, and hats. She continues to use the original patterns but has also adapted them to western use. The fabrics come directly from Japan (Tokyo and Kyoto), which she combined with other fabrics of Spanish origin to shape her creations.

- Juan Díaz Losada: Juan Díaz Losada is a Spanish artist who specialized in religious art. From the beginning of his career, he began to work in this area, which has served him to receive a series of public and private commissions to create images, paintings, and designs of religious objects that continue to this day. His work has been recognized with different awards and accolades. Due to his exceptional nature, the look in his works deserves to be highlighted in his form of expression: the expression of the eyes as a fundamental part of the face, that window through which we can look at the character and at the same time enter into connection with him. Juan Díaz's art has a double pedagogical function: one of rendering a great service to the spirituality of artistic symbolic representation; and the other, to express the feelings of the man through the strong sensitivity of his characters reflected in his different situations. We witness the magnificent work and good work of an artist who is opening a new channel in artistic structures, seeking canons that express the profound experience of the artistic spirituality of our days.

- Kokoro: Brand created by the expert restorer Fran Ruano, who makes each of his pieces completely by hand with his delicate precision.

- Leather Goods Expert: Workshop specialized in the manufacture of large and small leather goods. Made in Ubrique.

- Libros de Autoengaño: Libros de Autoengaño is a small publisher of comics, design books, illustrations, crafts ... and wthaever comes to her mind. One of the premises of the publisher is to print beautiful books, with a limited edition (numbered and sealed), seeking that each book is a special object.

- Lorena Rom: LORENA ROM 3D is a sustainable jewelry and accessories brand that creates exotic and daring accessories through 3D printing technologies. Delicate and organic designs inspired by nature. Bet on a respectful and conscious fashion with the planet. That is why all its products are made with recycled or 100% vegetable materials, moving away from the use of plastics and moving towards a “zero waste” life. Most of its jewelry and accessories are also committed to versatility and are made up of pieces that are disassembled and joined in different ways, giving rise to new accessories.

- Malahe Handmade: Handmade objects and amulets full of magic and history. Malaje arises from the inventive need of Marta Green, fashion designer, and stylist, creative by birth, cat lover, and half-witch. After years between Barcelona and Madrid, she returned to Granada to focus on her Malaje handmade project, which covers multiple handmade disciplines, from cushions with recycled clothing, felt pieces, cat toys, and powerful bracelets with natural stone and words. , and jewelry that turns into amulets, their bases being stainless steel so that they are durable and in many cases recycled and vintage beads. Closely linked to magic, astrology, personal power, and giving new life to objects, reusing and reconverting.

- My Baobab: My Baobab is an initiative undertaken by Pepa Iturriaga in Lomé (Togo) to create workshops where disadvantaged women can learn a trade while earning a decent salary. The idea is to make a line of articles for the house with local products and to publicize the crafts of the Gulf of Guinea. The material they use is 100% cotton, both in the "pagnes" and in the handwoven fabrics. They work with different associations and local entrepreneurs, whom they try to help through the production of their collections. A percentage of the proceeds goes to help people without resources to receive adequate medical care and schooling, through different NGOs with which she collaborates.

- Moralgo: MORALGO is a brand of bags that uses leathers in stock that remain in the workshops, remnants of other productions of different brands and products. It is a way to give utility to all that material creating practical and comfortable bags. The design of each piece is simplified to the maximum, to minimize production costs, while avoiding the use of hardware or any material that is not recyclable or biodegradable. Sustainability is the primary goal. Due to the limited material with which the brand works, the editions of each bag are very limited and in some cases unique.

- My Barrière: My Barrière founded by Alexa Adams and Cleo Davis-Urman is the first company to offer FDA / CE certified medical grade face masks with fashion prints. Each mask is sustainably manufactured from recycled material and is designed to offer excellent breathability, comfort, and> 95% bacterial filtration efficiency for the highest level of safety and protection. With these trusted products, you can return to your routines without fear or discomfort and in a style that expresses who you are.

- Prim by Michelle Elie: American-Haitian designer Michelle Elie launched the PRIM accessory line in 2010 after various jobs including modeling and work as a fashion stylist. Immersed in a world of art and minimalism, Elie decided to recreate luxurious treasures in the form of bags. The combination of her taste, experiences and her roots gives rise to collections that have meaning and relevance beyond a season. Most of the PRIM collection is handcrafted by artisans who often use techniques specific to the region in which they work. Michelle Elie travels the world for inspiration, although Cologne, Germany, is her home base where she lives with her three children and her husband.

- San Fabrizzio: San Fabrizzio is a “Slow Fashion” brand that creates unique pieces. In San Fabrizzio everything is unique, exclusive, special, and, above all, handmade. For the creation of their pieces, end-of-stock fabrics, recycled fabrics and garments, and a lot of patchworks are used. San Fabrizzio seeks to offer special items while promoting and defending responsible and sustainable consumption.

As you can see, a wide and varied selection of creators and items lovingly selected for you. We are sure that you will find something that suits your tastes or needs. We invite you to be part of the Friends of San Fabrizzio!

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