Badge The void invades me

1 - 3 Days in Spain, 5 - 7 days in Europa, 7 - 20 days Rest of the world.

Badge The void invades me 


Badge The void invades me 

The restlessness, the anguish, the laziness ... It is empty, we know it, but that does not mean that you should feel sad and depressed. With this shirt he will feel full of emptiness. If you feel empty on the inside, at least wear this shirt to cover up on the outside.

Measure: 37 mm. 

Color: Neon green, Black

Materials: Metal pin, paper, and plastic protection.

Screen-printed by hand.

Screen-printed in Spain.

Hola Por Qué is dedicated to creation through screen printing. They started making T-shirts and then they continued making other things like more different T-shirts than what they made when they started. But the occurrences are also stamped on paper, ceramics, glass, or on the bathroom doors of her workshop.


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