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  • €595.00 - €1,645.00

Prim by Michelle Elie

American-Haitian designer Michelle Elie launched accessories line PRIM in 2010 after various career paths which include modeling and working as a fashion stylist.

An avid collector of antique jewelry and accessories, Michelle Elie started her accessories line in 1999 after she moved to Cologne Germany with her husband Mike Meire. Immersed in a world of art and minimalism, Elie decided to challenge her minimalist surroundings and she turned her hand to re-creating luxurious treasures. Michelle’s journey as a jewelry and accessories designer started with a collection called Dynamite in 2010.

Through the process of re-gilding and enhancing found objects Elie not only revived custom jewelry and evening bags, but she also retold stories.

The combination of her taste, experiences, and roots created collections that held meaning and relevance beyond a season. Michelle Elie often used her experiences as a muse for her wearable art wisely noting that “sometimes the inspiration you get is from things that are overlooked for many years.”

Most of the PRIM collection is handmade by artisans who often employ techniques specific to the region in which they work. Michelle Elie travels the world in search of inspiration, although Cologne, Germany is her home base where she lives with her three children and husband.

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