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My Barrière

My barrière: a very 2020 story SAFETY IS THE NEW LUXURY

With our trustworthy products, you'll never have to choose between what's good for you and what works. Our mission is simple: Never give safety a day off. Our powerful, premium products offer convenient and accessible everyday defense from medical and environmental threats. Never compromise quality, efficacy, or luxury. Our products are clean, sustainable and are designed for the customer who wants a luxurious product that meets FDA requirements and offers medical grade protection. Early on in the Pandemic, nobody knew what PPE was, or where to find quality mask solutions or trustworthy products. From there the idea for barrière was born, to carve out an entirely new category in the wellness space, where personal protection meets personal care and safety is the new luxury.

First, we tackled face masks. We knew that medical grade masks were much more effective than cloth, but they were difficult to procure, and people resisted wearing them because they were uncomfortable and unattractive. We worked hard to develop a face mask that provides all the benefits of a medical grade product without any of the negatives. A mask with superior protection (98%) and FDA registered, with excellent breathability so you can exercise. A mask made sustainably from recycled and hypo-allergenic materials suitable for sensitive skin (no maskne or ugly chin break-outs!). A mask that gives customers the confidence they need to resume their daily routines safely. And a mask that can be safe and stylish at the same time.

Our next pursuit was developing new products that would make it easy to maintain some of the positive health and safety behaviors we adopted during the pandemic. At barrière, safety is always the priority and science works hand-in-hand with a Clean beauty philosophy. We work with FDA registered medical labs with experience in product development for medical and hospital settings and improve them to be optimized for regular use by everyday consumers. We spent the last two years testing and reformulating until we identified solutions that were innovative, extremely effective, and met our high standards for quality, sustainability and safety.

Our unique approach of combining cutting edge medical technology with the best innovations coming out of the wellness and Clean skincare space makes this possible. With our products you never give safety a day off, and never compromise quality, efficacy, or luxury.

With barrière, protection is a lifestyle.

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My Barrière B Wise Sanitize...

My Barrière B Wise Sanitize Spray  Vegan Cruelty free Hidratating Made in USA Recyclable Travel size Sulfate free Parabene free


Debug Mode Insect Repellent

DEET-FREE INSECT REPELLENT Deet and alcohol free solution. Vegan Cruelty free Skin Friendly No Parebens, No BPA, No Phthalatos Made in USA Recyclable Travel size


Bodyguard Protective Hand &...

Bodyguard Protective Hand & Body Lotion Vegan Cruelty free Hidratating Made in USA Recyclable Travel size Sulfate free Parabene free


"Brains & Beauty" My...

Daily support for a strong body and mind with Iron, Vitamin B12, Biotin & Hyaluronic Acid


My Barrière Ready Set &...

HYDRATING FACIAL MIST Vegan Cruelty free Hidratating Made in USA Recyclable Travel size Sulfate free Parabene free