Mi abuela Lila

Noelia is the person behind Mi Abuela Lila (My grandmother Lila). She is the one who thinks and executes the designs, the one who sews them, the one who sweeps the workshop after each day and the soul in love with this handmade world.

Graduated in Fine Arts and graduated in Fashion Design, from a very young age she sewed clothes to the dolls with any scraps or torn stockings that she caught. She has always been passionate about the world of accessories, and that's how Mi abuela Lila was born: from the need to create pieces that, in addition to complying with aesthetic conditions, make our day to day easier. An accessory is an important piece in our daily life. Therefore, a bag, in addition to carrying elements, has to make us feel comfortable, unique and different, as if it were a work of art.

"The complement is the work of art, and you are the artist, the one who has endowed that piece with an identity, yours."

She defends the design of timeless pieces, with top quality materials and chosen wisely. All the pieces are vegan and she uses even the smallest scrap. Seh loves to take care of every detail and adores fabric stores and haberdashery. All the materials are top quality and she loves that every little thing she sews is unique and different.

Finally, tell you that she loves the sea, plants, painting with children, coffee with friends and her phone conversations with her grandmother Lila.

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