Killer Eyelashes

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Killer Eyelashes, Gamebook by Fidel Lorite

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Author: Fidel Lorite

Edition: Paperback edition with covers in color and laminated.

Pages: 240

Size: A5 

Language: Spanish.

Includes 3 pages with Paperdoll to cut and create your own Travesti character.

“A strange plague is turning people into zombies that do not seek your meat, but turn you into a poorly made up monster. The world is in chaos. Only you, a transvestite with superpowers, can save the planet from this plague of shenanigans before they destroy the dignity of all humanity. " This is the premise of Killer Eyelashes, the first transvestite gamebook ever created. Do you remember those books in which you were the protagonist and you progressed making decisions, killing monsters and finding treasures? Now you can keep doing it! Of course, well made up and with heels, since in Killer Eyelashes you will play a cabaret transvestite in an apocalyptic and bizarre world, trying to survive zombies with bad taste, deranged transvestites, famous undead, haunted amusement parks, lesbian armies, wigs carnivores, scientific conspiracies ... Always trying not to lose glamor or dignity. Fidel Lorite, known for his audiovisual work such as the web series Mrs. Carrington and Fantasmagórica, and directing a dozen video clips for artists such as La Prohibida, Algora, Kika Lorace, Rafa Spunky and Lantana, reinvents the concept of the gamebook. Give your character a name and jump into action. The gamebook has multiple paths and endings, each one more extravagant. Your character does not have points of life, but of dignity. Lose your dignity and you are finished. Forget the dice! Everything is solved with real life questions. Also, cheating is allowed! Fidel puts all the meat on the grill and creates a fresh story, full of charismatic characters and unforgettable comic moments, in an adventure in which the protagonist is the reader. Cover, illustrations and Paperdoll by David Kohlver. Lettering by Efe Suárez.

Libros de Autoengaño is a small publisher of comics, design, illustration, crafts, and a little bit of everything. One of the premises of the publisher is to print beautiful books, with a limited edition (numbered and sealed). Looking for each book to be a special object.

Pestañas Asesinas

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Killer Eyelashes


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