Coños como el de Marta

1 - 3 Days in Spain, 5 - 7 days in Europa, 7 - 20 days Rest of the world.

Coños como el de Marta 2nd Edition by Diana Aller


Author: Diana Aller

Edition: Paperback Edition with covers in full color.

Pages: 304

Size: A5

Language: Spanish

Valeria is a mother, a daughter, consumes, and works. But she does not lead her life along the path that she has laid out and - like all women - she has to make her own. It is difficult when the world works by patterns (social, cultural, sexual…), and those who skip them are penalized. Luckily there is love. … But Valeria knows that it is nothing more than a biochemical process, an alteration of the so-called reward system of the brain. Valeria likes pussies. Pussies like Marta's.

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