At San Fabrizzio we start from the basis that the most important thing is sustainability. You should buy what is really necessary, that is special and that, in addition, will last a long time so that in the meantime, what we have makes us feel special, unique, happy ... Garments and objects that accompany us in life and be part of fond memories.

Fashion as a concept has long since faded into simple piles of mass-produced clothing. Disposable pieces whose sole purpose is to satisfy the excessive appetite of the compulsive shopper. But we want to change that.

Buying fashion on the San Fabrizzio website is not just buying. It is acquiring a garment or an article made with care and special care. At San Fabrizzio, most of our pieces are one-of-a-kind or limited edition. We understand this as a plus because it gives exclusivity to the piece and ensures that everything you acquire on our website will make you special and different from others. All the products that you find here help to consolidate your style and to break with those chains of the "social uniform" of fashion that is imposed on us every season. Our intention is to put exclusive pieces at your fingertips that help you to leave behind the monotony of those who dress the same as others. In these times when it is necessary to stand out from the crowd, we give you the opportunity to do so with, for example, a unique sweatshirt, a handmade bag, spectacular earrings, or a necklace that reaffirms your personality. All this, in addition, produced and selected with the same affection that we have for our clients.

Fashion in San Fabrizzio is created by different brands, designers, artists, and artisans. Each piece talks about its creator, his inspiration, and his life… You don't just buy a garment. You also take the history behind it and, in addition, you help create a more conscious and distributive economy by supporting all those people who persist in their dreams of designing and creating something special.

The fashion in San Fabrizzio is clear and honest. From each piece you can find out how it reaches you, the origin of its materials, where and how it is made ... We firmly believe in the traceability of articles to show that they are faithful to the principles that we promulgate and that we share.

Now discover all the unique and special garments that we have available for you:

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