Bronze Ginkgo biloba leaf necklace


Bronze Ginkgo biloba leaf pendant small

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Small pendant made of solid bronze, with a gold-plated silver chain. The shape is inspired by the mystical Ginkgo biloba tree, considered living fossils, since its antecedents date back 250 million years. Known as the tree of hope because one specimen survived the Hiroshima bomb. Used in medicine and admired by artists and poets of all ages. The bronze color is reminiscent of ginkgo leaves in autumn. Very comfortable pendant, made to wear every day and give a romantic and special touch to your look. Its shine makes it stand out. Handmade in Spain in a small family workshop, made by hand one by one.

Color: Gold.

Materials: Bronze, Gold-plated Silver.

Measures: Pendant: 1,7 x 1,9 cm Necklace:  40 cm.

Handmade one by one.

Made in Spain in a small family workshop.

Made by Atelier Joia BCN, Handmade jewelry consciously made.


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by local artisans

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