Down below you will find the instructions to create a face mask like the one we are making. The face mask is made in three layers of cotton and has a side pocket to introduce filters in case you want to add more protection. In case you are not a craftsperson, we are including a face mask as a gift with each purchase you made on our webshop.

The sewing process can be made with a sewing machine or hand made. 

0 - The pattern of the face mask, so you can draw it at home with the help of the measures, the cm for sewing is included in the pattern. In case you want it in PDF, to print it, please write to and we will send you the file. Kids patterns are ready, you will find them at the end of the instructions, 3-6 years old and 7-12 years old. The instructions are the same for any size of the face mask you want to make. 

1- Fold the cotton fabric in 2, mark the pattern on the fabric, and cut it. We will need 6 pieces of the pattern to make the face mask. 

2- Sew two pieces by the curve side, these will be the inland of the face mask. Then, sew the other 4 pieces together by the curve side too, these ones will be the outside of the face mask.


3 - Fold one of the side of the outland of the face mask and sew it. This will create the pocket to insert filters if we want to do it. 

4- Sew the inland and outside all together by the long sides.  

5 - Turn over the face maks leaving the stitches in the inside. 

6 - With two pins mark the pleats of the sides. 

7 - Sew in parallel around the whole piece to give a perfect shape and mark the pleats. 

8 - Take bias tape, or fabric band of 3,4 cm and fold it to create the bands to tie the face mask. I prefer to use fabric than elastic, because are more comfortable and resist better the multiple washes, and the washes at high temperature. Use 64 cm of tape to each one. The middle of the band will be placed over the pleat.  

9- So, here you have your face mask done. Iron it to have a perfect finished and start to use it. Washed after every use in public, and if it is possible, better with high-temperature water. 

10 - In the inland, you will have the opening of the pocket to insert the filters.  

12 - Be creative, and you can recycle some clothes to create your face masks. Preferably use cotton fabrics.


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