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Self-sufficient ecosystem

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The MiniTerra is a self-sufficient ecosystem comprising natural sands, Danish ball moss, and a phytonia as its centerpiece. It has become a best-seller product, allowing anyone to have their own piece of nature at an affordable price and with no maintenance required.

Measures 7 x 3 cm. Approximate weight 35 grams.

DESCRIPTION They are ideal for those who want to decorate a space with natural elements but do not want to have to take care of a plant, being able to neglect it for long periods of time. As in the ecosystems of our planet, within each terrarium, there is a delicate balance of fauna and flora, a composition designed with the aim of ensuring this balance even over time.

CARE LIGHT: Ecosystems should receive as much indirect light as possible. Avoiding direct exposure to the sun, which overheats the product and can burn the plants. We recommend placing the terrarium in a well-lit room or near a window, but always avoiding direct light.

WATER: Each ecosystem has its own water cycle, which is reused indefinitely, losing moisture gradually through the cork, so we recommend a light watering of about 5 ml once a month, although ecosystems take time. about 2 months to dry if left unattended, so don't worry; enjoy your mini ecosystem. 

Ecodecs is a Startup made up of young entrepreneurs specializing in the craftsmanship of self-sufficient ecosystems and living compositions, bits of nature that do not require any short-term maintenance, for decorative purposes, or to be given as a unique, personalized, and sustainably produced gift.


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