Kinchaku-bukuro bag Hedgehogs

1 - 3 Days in Spain, 5 - 7 days in Europa, 7 - 20 days Rest of the world.

Kinchaku-bukuro bag Hedgehogs


Kinchaku-bukuro bag Funny Hedgehogs

Kinchaku-Bukuro is a traditional Japanese bag that is carried with the kimono. These are made of national fabrics. HOSHI* means "star" and is the motif that goes hand-embroidered on each label using the sashiko technique, typical Japanese embroidery

Materials: Cotton 100% Made in Spain

Color: Printed Hedgehogs

Measures: 20 x 20 cm.


Made in Spain.

Made in Spain.

HOSHI * is Perla Hachuel. A librarian, documentalist, administrator of online training platforms ... what does she do making bags ?? !! Fate, dear ones.

HOSHI * is born in a hiatus. Living in Granada for decades, she decided to have a baby with her husband, and raise her ... a few years pass and she meets a Japanese woman, Eriko, who gives her her first azuma-bukuro. She asks the origin of it, and she learns to sew them, Eriko's mother sends them material, and BOOM! She becomes the owner and founder of a small business.


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