Lorena Rom "Océano" earrings

1 - 3 Days in Spain, 5 - 7 days in Europa, 7 - 20 days Rest of the world.

Lorena Rom "Océano" earrings



Spain 2 - 5 days, Europe 3 - 7 days, International 4 - 15 days


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Big as the ocean! This is how these earrings will make you feel. They have an organic and original form that will make you fall in love with them. The one that will make your heart pound when you wear them, Do you want to feel the ticking? Sustainable fashion, customization and 3D printing

Colors: Blue and cream.

Material: 100% PLA corn starch, Silver.

Measures: 7 cm long x 4.5 cm wide.

Made in Spain

LORENA ROM 3D accessories is a SUSTAINABLE fashion brand that creates exotic and daring accessories through 3D printing technologies. Delicate and organic designs inspired by nature, jewelry.

It is committed to a respectful and conscious fashion with the planet, that is why all its products are made with recycled or 100% vegetable materials, moving away from the use of plastics and approaching a more zero waste life (zero waste). But they are not only ethical with the materials they use, but also with the designs and products they make, rings, earrings, bracelets, ... with extra VERSATILITY, jewelry, and accessories that transform. And is that most of them are made up of pieces that are disassembled and joined in different ways, giving rise to new accessories.


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