Picachu's Gernika

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Picachu's Gernika

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The Gernika de Picachu.

We have made a special version of this famous painting that was painted by one that is now dead, and we have printed it on bags and T-shirts, as well as some badges that we have made with parts of the drawing. Although there are still wars, we believe that civilization also has winners and losers, and that is what we wanted to reflect here. There are exploited workers, dead builders amassing bills, people who do not want to see anything shining with lanterns that give darkness, real estate agents stepping on contracts ... in short, quite a spectacle. And there is also a Picachu replacing the dove of peace in the original painting. 5-ink screen printing on 100% recycled Vidia cardboard of 300 g.

1st edition of 50 numbered and signed copies.

Fraiming size: 60 x 33 cm.

Presentation in individual folder.

Color: Available on a white background and on a black background.

Materials: Cardboard. Screen-printed by hand with water-based inks.

Screen printed in Spain.

Hola Por qué is dedicated to creating through screen printing. They started making T-shirts and then they continued making other things like more different T-shirts than what they made when they started. But the occurrences are also stamped on paper, ceramics, glass, or on the bathroom doors of his workshop.


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Picachu's Gernika