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What a pair of two. I want everyone, no fights, better for each one to have their things well separated. Then if they want to keep them in the same drawer, but you have to be forewarned. Inside each jewelry box, you can store broken glass and crocodile tears. The phrases randomly inscribed on each jewelry box are taken from the song 'Ellos' by our fellow species Sistema de Monos, which served as the soundtrack for our collection 'I love you / I don't love you. ' Screen printing with vitrifiable ceramic pigments.  They are sold together, to keep each other company in their solitude. 

1 ink. Exterior and interior decoration. Dishwasher safe. Thought, designed, and stamped by hand with love with artisan processes.

Measure: 4,8 x 4,8 x 3 cm each one.

Color: White, Black

Materials: Porcelain.

Screen-printed by hand.

Screen-printed in Spain.

Hola Por Qué is dedicated to creation through screen printing. They started making T-shirts and then they continued making other things like more different T-shirts than what they made when they started. But the occurrences are also stamped on paper, ceramics, glass, or on the bathroom doors of her workshop.


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"Them" Jewelry boxes