Jewelry box "The End"

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Jewellery box "The End"



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Jewelry box "The End"

The poor cockroaches just want to feed and reproduce quietly. They are not bad. Evil is something that humans have invented. And they are not gross. Because the filth they live in is what we provide them with. Selflessly. That is why we want to make a claim to the cockroach as a companion animal, because only they will emerge gracefully from nuclear bombs, feeding and reproducing themselves in front of the fragments of our bodies with total naturalness. Screen printing with vitrifiable ceramic pigments. 1 ink. Exterior and interior decoration. Dishwasher safe.  Thought, designed, and stamped by hand with love with artisan processes.

Measure: 4,8 x 4,8 x 3 cm

Color: White, Black

Materials: Porcelain.

Screen-printed by hand.

Screen-printed in Spain.

Hola Por Qué is dedicated to creation through screen printing. They started making T-shirts and then they continued making other things like more different T-shirts than what they made when they started. But the occurrences are also stamped on paper, ceramics, glass, or on the bathroom doors of her workshop.


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