Mug "Must be prevented to grow"

1 - 3 Days in Spain, 5 - 7 days in Europa, 7 - 20 days Rest of the world.

Taza Hay que impedir que crezcan / Must be prevented to grow cup


Mug "Must be prevented to grow" ("Hay que impedir que crezcan")

These drawings are the result of a careful selection from a pile of sketched sheets. After thousands of years hidden in dark libraries, they finally see the light within our collection 'Serigracias'. You're welcome. Screen printing with vitrifiable ceramic pigments. 1 ink. Cannot take a fall from a third floor.

Limited and numbered edition of 100 copies.

Screen printing with vitrifiable ceramic pigments. 1 ink. Exterior decoration. Dishwasher safe.  Thought, designed, and stamped by hand with love with artisan processes.

Measure: 9,5 x 8 x 11,3 cm

Color: White, Black

Materials: Porcelain.

Screen-printed by hand.

Screen-printed in Spain.

Hola Por Qué is dedicated to creation through screen printing. They started making T-shirts and then they continued making other things like more different T-shirts than what they made when they started. But the occurrences are also stamped on paper, ceramics, glass, or on the bathroom doors of her workshop.